A new class of planning & lands admin tools

An intelligent platform streamlining the review and approval of land and development permit applications, structured around your community’s bylaws.

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Nunavut Association of Municipalities (NAM)

We are proud to partner with the Nunavut Association of Municipalities to provide innovative planning and lands tools to communities across Nunavut.

Process applications quickly and easily

Planning staff can quickly generate high quality comments to applicants, pinpointing changes needed to approve their application.

  • Catch required revisions
  • Highlight missing information
  • List all studies and conditions for approval

Provide consistent reports for council and committee

Automatically convert applications to reports including only relevant details. Provide everything Council and Committee needs to make decisions on development permit and land applications.

  • Planning reports
  • Land application reports

Generate permits & leases

Quickly issue development permits by adding approval conditions. Generate new leases based on a lease template pre-populated with all the application information.

  • Issue development permits
  • Generate leases


Skip the complex spreadsheets and automatically determine application fees and lease costs, integrated with your data.

  • Application fees
  • Lease costs

Application dashboard

Track and streamline applications through the approval workflow, all in one place, backed up to the cloud.

  • Track application status
  • Organize project documents

What sets us apart

Our software includes additional functionality that will streamline your workflow.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our software integrates seamlessly with data such as PALS, financials, and lot inventories.

Application Submission

Applicant Submission

Allow applicants to submit and pay for applications directly through our platform.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Store all application files on a highly-secure, cloud-based system, complete with version control.

Policy Audit

Bylaw Audit

Review digitized bylaws to confirm their alignment with strategic goals and intended use.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Stakeholder Collaboration

Coordinate stakeholder reviews in one place, with each comment tied directly to relevant bylaws.

How it works

Your bylaws and data are at the heart of our platform. Use our intelligent rule engine to quickly assess applications against the rules, then easily generate reports, permits and leases.

Our team

We are experts in planning and technology, with a proven track record launching highly successful products for world-class organizations.


We're planners

We speak your language and have a deep understanding of the challenges municipalities face.


We’re design led

User experience is a top priority for us, so our platform is designed and optimized for usability.


We’re timely

We understand that you’re working fast to solve big problems right now: like housing supply.


We’re experts on funding

We can help meet your targets for funding to accelerate housing and streamline development approvals.

Jesse Ajayi

Meet our founder

Jesse has spent the last 12 years committed to practical and impactful changes to urban planning within Canada.

With a focus on zoning policy, he’s served as a municipal Director of Planning, Territorial Manager of Community Planning and is a partner in a planning consulting firm advising communities across Canada.

He is sought out for his cross-disciplinary approach to planning, sharing knowledge in classrooms and facilitating workshops for practitioners and industry professionals. His work on streamlining planning processes has been recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

Jesse Ajayi, RPP, MCIP

BSc Computer Science
MSc Planning


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